Great vacation homes begin with care.


Your great vacation begins with an understanding of the amenities available at your selected cottage and learning how our rental services work. Start by reading our Rental Contract and policies below, and reviewing this page of helpful information.

Rental Cottages

Rental Cottages are fully furnished and equipped with standard kitchens and modern bathrooms. Some lakefront cottages use lake water for general plumbing ‐ which means that renters need to use bottled water for drinking or cooking. All properties are privately owned, and furnishings will reflect the tastes of the individual owners.

Sheets & Towels

Sheets & Towels are generally not provided. Linen rentals may be reserved in advance through the rental office. If Linens are provided at your cottage you will be expected to leave clean, folded linens for the next tenant.


Pets are permitted at certain properties only. Leases which include an animal will have a $45 non-refundable pet fee added on. Please read our pet policies so that you understand your responsibilities.

Occupancy Limits

Occupancy Limits are set by owners and their insurance providers and we honor those limits. Any additional adults or children need to be approved by the owner. Sometimes exceptions can be made ‐ please ask if you have questions.


Prices for prime vacation weeks are usually not negotiable. But, please ask us about discounts for multiple week rentals or off-season stays.

Rental Weeks

Rental Weeks begin at 3pm on Saturdays and end at 10:00am the following Saturday. Some flexibility may be possible off-season.


Reservations begin with a call or email. We're happy to check availability or to answer questions. We'll hold your selected property while you review your rental contract and additional details about the property.

Reservation Deposits

Reservation Deposits will lock in your request. A reservation deposit equals 50% of the rent, and is paid (by check ‐ not credit card) at the time you mail back your signed rental agreement.

Reservation Confirmations

Reservation Confirmations will be EMAILED when payment of the balance due (rent, taxes, cleaning fees, pet fees, refundable Security/Damage deposit) has been received.


Check-In starts at 12 noon at our office lobby. A MAP to the office is located on our contact page. Each arriving family will find an individualized Welcome Packet with keys, driving directions and other details. Our Rental Lobby is open 24hours a day to accommodate late arrivals. Properties may not be entered before 3pm.


Check-out brings you back to the office to drop off your rental keys, comments, surveys and requests for the next season. Properties must be vacated by 10:30 am.

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